Lusaka mayor closes Chinese barbershop for racial discrimination

Three days after he indefinitely closed Lantian restaurant in Lusaka’s Longacres area for discriminating against Zambians, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has closed Chinese owned Angels Barbershop at Arcades Shopping Mall for discriminating against blacks.

The Barbershop was also found displaying their prices in Chinese contrary to the Food and Health Act.

“This morning we closed Chinese owned Angels Barbershop located at Arcades Mall for Discriminating against Blacks and displaying their prices in Chinese contrary to the Food & Health Act.

We had a tip off from a whistle blower who took his son to cut hair but was told K300 as price just to put him off. When he agreed to pay, they then changed their mind and said the Barbershop was actually closed and had to leave.

When we went to Angels Barbershop for a fact finding mission today, we found a CLOSED sign at the door. Upon entering, we noticed a Chinese having his hair cut.
They did not recongnise us as we had a mask on. We pretended wanting to have our hair cut and they said “We Closed”.

Upon inspecting their price board, we noticed also that nearly everything was labelled in Chinese writings and not English as prescribed by the Food & Health Act.” said Miles Sampa.

Miles Sampa talking to the owners Angels Barbershop at Arcades Shopping Mall
photo credit; Sampa with Chinese shop owner at Arcade shopping mall

Mr Sampa has vowed not to condone any Investor that discriminates customers or employees based on their color of skin or pricing in other foreign languages other than English which is the constitutionally prescribed official language for Zambia.

He has encouraged residents not to hesitate to inform him if mistreated by any investor including local investors.

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